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Clients Say ...
"One of the best decisions we ever made was to hire Barbara Williams as a virtual assistant over three years ago. We were overwhelmed with customer and administrative minutia and couldn't seem to find time to grow our Internet business. Barbara saved the day. Now we can go on vacations knowing that we have a dependable administrator handling the day-to-day issues that come up with our customers, service suppliers and subscribers. Barbara goes the extra mile in helping us manage all of it. We highly recommend her.
~ Lee Hefner and Nancy Wasson, Ph.D.



Are You Multi-Tasking Your Life Away?


Let's improve and streamline your procedures. I'll help you put better systems in place to "plug the leaks" that are affecting your bottom line ...

  • Bookkeeping can be taken off your plate. No more panic at tax time!
  • An accurate and up-to-date customer database helps all your systems function better.
  • Get your products and services into a shopping cart format to avoid manually processing credit cards.

You can offer awesome customer service. I'll help you answer your customers' needs quickly and efficiently ...

  • Customer assistance can be someone else's job.
  • Process your client orders quickly and correctly.
  • Ordering, refunds, corrections and re-orders won't be a concern.
  • Feel confident that your customers are receiving excellent care.

Let's fix this hectic and unproductive business style! I'll help you break down your business roadblocks and find better resources ...

  • Email overload can be managed.
  • Presentations will be attractive, correct and painless. You just have to spin the ideas and I'll create the finished product!

Be the best and have fun! I'll take care of the back office and put you out front where you belong ...

  • Your time is valuable and your ideas are priceless.
  • Spend your time being the heart and soul of your business and let me take on the administrative issues that wear you down.

As your Virtual Administrator I will work as a trusted member of your team, bringing common sense, great work ethic, and high-tech talent to your business. Together we'll move your business into the mainstream and get you back on the path to the success you are dreaming about!

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Practice Pay Solutions Certified Shopping Cart Strategist
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